There has not been much innovation to make a female feel like a queen since the 17th century when the towel was invented in Turkey, and the bath robe stemming from Greece in the 9th century. Her Heir is a proud female empowering brand specialising in luxury bath and beauty necessities.

Our products are Designed in Australia, and hand made from various parts of the world including Turkey, Greece and Asia. It’s no coincidence that a Turkish counterpart named Georgia and her Greek best friend Felicia, have come together to create the revolution of her, in Her Heir (Her Successor).

Why Support Her Heir?

Being an eco-friendly company with a vision to only create the most luxurious products which can be recycled and even shipped in bio-degradable packaging, Her Heir is not only aiming to change the way women pamper themselves, but also change the footprint we leave behind for future generations.

During 2020, both founders where pregnant for the first time and discussing future plans when the idea struck them to develop a brand to unite fashion, luxury, affordability, convenience, and an eco-friendly solution to female bath and beauty. Let the slumber parties begin!

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