How many of you put a shower cap on when bathing? The fact is, this is an essential item in any beauty cabinet, but it’s not that well used. Most of us don’t even have one, and those of us who do might forgo or forget in the rush to get ready in the morning.

But here’s the thing, shower caps are brilliant at keeping your hair healthy. They can reduce hair frizz and increase moisture protection. That means shinier, more beautiful locks, and all with one simple action. Popping a cap on your head pre-shower.

To celebrate our love for shower caps, we’ve run through our favourites for 2021.

1. Her Heir’s Satin-Lined Shower Cap   

We know, we sound biased, but our satin lined shower cap is in our top five. That’s because it has specifically chosen fabrics that safeguard your hair from breakage and retain your style. Its double-action satin lining protects from moisture while feeling super soft. So, if you’re on day two hair, this shower cap will be your saviour.

2. Briogeo Front Bow Shower Cap

Stylish, with eco-friendly packaging, and cute enough to wear whether you’re in the shower or not, the Briogeo Front Bow Shower Cap has been an inspiration to us. And it keeps your style in place, just like a good shower cap should.

3. Betty Dain Terry Lined Shower Cap

There’s a reason why this one is a favourite for people across the globe. Available in a range of prints and versatile in its benefits, the Betty Dain lined shower cap brings a fresh feel to the old school. You can even reverse it to wear it as a sleeping cap, with its terry lining for the shower and nylon outer turned inner for bed.

3. Auban Shower Cap

Large enough for most hair lengths and thicknesses, the classic look of the Auban Shower Cap has us in a flutter. What we like best is the super firm seal around the head. Not tight enough to cause us a headache, but enough to keep water leakage out.

5. Kitsch Luxury Shower Cap

This one is especially good for long-haired types. With a higher price point than some, it does feel like an indulgence, and that’s in a good way. Even better, you can choose from a selection of prints, all very floral and classy in theme.


If you’re serious about protecting your hair from breakage in between washes, keeping the frizz at bay, and locking your style in place a shower cap is a big must. When shopping for yours, ask yourself what you value most. Do you want something that feels soft, is super-water resistant, or kind to curly hair?

Looking at the specific benefits before you buy will ensure you have the right product in the end. But best of all, it’ll give your hair the TLC it needs, and it’ll save you time in the morning. And you’ve all got to say yes to that!