You may have seen a peculiar looking spiky hair massager and wondered. “Does a hair massager really improve hair?” It’s a great question. This ingenious device mimics the rejuvenating sensation of a thorough scalp scrubbing. They’re becoming incredibly popular. You may have seen the viral videos popping up all over social media singing their praises. 

But how do scalp massagers work? And do they really help you grow thicker, longer hair? The exciting answer is yes! So let’s find out more about how a scalp massager works and why it’s about to become your favorite shower accessory.

How does scalp massage encourage hair growth?

A hair massager has a gloriously simple purpose. Without electricity or battery power, the smooth points of the silicone nubs massage the scalp. This massaging increases blood circulation to each and every hair follicle. Through the vigorous rubbing, the scalp massage exfoliates the scalp, loosening debris and sloughing off the dead scalp skin cells that can cause dandruff. 

But that’s not all a good scalp massager can do. Get ready for your hair products like serums and repair therapies to work better. It’s for all of these reasons that users of hair massagers often report a visible increase in hair growth. 

You see the skin and hair cells of the scalp need blood flow to be nourished with oxygen and nutrients. When that blood flow slows, cells can become malnourished and sluggish. Hair cells can even die. Blood flow under the scalp can particularly help with the anagen phase of hair’s life cycle. 

The anagen phase is essentially the time when hair grows as compared to the other phases when growth stops. Not only can increasing blood flow to the scalp help nurture more hair growth, it can also help decrease the level of hair loss, the other essential part of creating a thick, lustrous head of hair like you see in all the shampoo commercials.  

What are the main benefits of scalp massage?

There are many benefits to adding a scalp massager to your daily shower routine. Some of the benefits of a hair massager are that it:

  • Encourages more hair growth
  • Promotes a healthy hair environment
  • Exfoliates the scalp cutting down on dandruff
  • Thoroughly cleans the scalp
  • Can help stretch individual hair follicles and promote thicker hair
  • Helps delivers hair growth serums more effectively allowing more to be absorbed
  • Helps promote greater mental moods and relaxation, reducing tension in the body

All of these benefits for a small investment. A scalp massager doesn’t need battery power, can be used anywhere (it’s small enough to easily bring along on your travels) and unlike expensive spa treatments and pricy hair growth serums, the hair massager is always there to use. It’s not a serum or oil that will run out and it doesn’t require traveling to multiple appointments like other hair growth methods. Instead, your scalp massager will always be right there for you.

What does a scalp massaging tool feel like?

If you’ve ever sat in the shampoo chair at a salon and had an out of body experience when the shampoo stylist applied just the right amount of pressure, stimulation and massage, you know how amazing and other-worldly the experience can be. The scalp massager is like this amazing little tool that magically transports you back to this moment, but you get to enjoy it everyday at home, not just when you’re getting your hair cut or styled. Imagine that. 

One of the best feelings in the world, you can totally indulge anytime. It’s the perfect five minute self-care game-changer that will lift your senses while helping build beautiful long hair. Research studies show the numerous body benefits of massage, particularly when it’s directed at the head and scalp. Scalp massage can release good-feeling brain chemicals that support better moods and stress relief. 

What’s the best way to use a scalp massager?

There are two ways to use a scalp massager. First, you can use your scalp massager in the shower to replicate that salon shampoo experience. Here, it’s best to wet the hair and then apply your favorite shampoo. Next, reach for your scalp massager and start lathering up your hair. This is a great time to exfoliate the scalp of dead skin, since the warm water of the shower will soften the scalp. Removing dead skin is a great way to allow new cells to grow and encourages a healthy scalp environment. The scalp massager will also be a great tool for working your shampoo and conditioner effectively into your skin. 

But your scalp massager isn’t only for use with water. You can use it anytime you want to give yourself a little self-care. It works just as well on dry hair. It’s recommended to use your scalp massager often to maintain blood flow and keep up the added growth-boosting benefits. Finally, use your scalp massage with a hair growth or repair serum. Not only will the scalp massager more effectively distribute the hair solutions throughout your scalp, but it will also open up the cells. This dilation will make your scalp more receptive to the therapies you apply.