Heir Towel Original

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Heir towel is a revolutionary towel which has made drying long hair efficient and frizz-free. The custom blend of materials used and innovative design allows for more towel to touch hair while keeping it tight using either the button or the bands available on the towel.

  • Bend down and let your hair hang in front of you
  • Place the wider part of your Heir Towel over the bottom of your head
  • Twist your Heir towel tight with your hair inside it
  • Stand up straight and pull the twisted Heir towel to the back of your head
  • Find the elastic loop and secure it to the button on the back of the Heir towel
  • * Every second use, ensure to use the elastic loop on the back of the Heir towel and pull it around the twisted part. This is to help extend the life of the button.
  • Absorbs water from your hair resulting in less time blow drying and less heat damage
  • Eliminates hair damage and frizz by rubbing your hair dry with an ordinary towel
  • Generously sized and suitable for all hair types Enjoy getting ready and doing things around the house, applying your make-up or your tan
  • while drying your hair without a bulky towel coming undone as your Heir towel will sit snug and securely on your head.
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