Her Heir Deluxe Packages

A new Luxe for Less Australian Bath & Beauty Brand HER.HEIR


With self-care and wellness becoming a pivotal 2022 goal after a global pandemic, a new Australian luxurybath and beauty brand Her Heir is here to help you treat yourself like a queen with their range of eco-friendly luxury bath and beauty products.

Designed in Australia, and handmade from various parts of the world including Turkey, Greece, and Asia.It's no coincidence that a Turkish counterpart named Georgia and her Greek best friend Felicia, have cometogether to create the revolution of her, in Her Heir (meaning: Her Successor).



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The Beauty Benefits Of Dermaplaning

There is more than one way to stay on top of unwanted hair. If you’ve tried it all, and let’s face it, most women, in particular, have, dermaplaning might just be the answer.

Reasons to love it include its versatility, convenience and ease to use. Yes, that’s everyone, even with an at-home kit. Add to this things like its cost-effectiveness, the fact it’s chemical-free, and its gentle touch on sensitive skin, and you have an all-around winner. Here’s all you need to know about dermaplaning.

What is dermaplaning?

It’s quite simply an exfoliation treatment using a super-sharp, medical-grade scalpel.

Before you feel a little panicky about the idea of a sharpened blade on your skin,

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Flexible Hair Brush

The One Brush Stylists Urge Clients to Use to Stop Hair Breakage for Good

Detangling hair can be a time consuming, painful process that often leads to damage and hair breakage. With the right tool however, you can make hair brushing a happy process that helps give you the thick, gorgeous hair of your dreams. What’s the secret? Beauty professionals first started singing the praises of the flexible hair brush. And now, everyone can enjoy this secret weapon against tangles.

Imagine, finally getting through detangling your hair, with effortless ease — and not ending up with a pile of broken hairs. The secret is in the brush’s flexible construction, which moves with your hair rather than pulling, ripping or breaking it.

What’s the Best Way to Detangle My Hair?

The golden rule when detangling hair is simple: easy-does-it beats brute force every time. A common myth is that hair is too vul

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Satin-Lined Shower Cap

Say Goodbye to Frizzy Hair with this One Must-Have Hair Accessory

Less frizz, fewer tangles and more healthy shine —  it sounds like the perfect hair scenario, doesn’t it? It’s easier to achieve than you may think. Experience the same benefits millions of users already enjoy by incorporating a satin-lined shower cap into your hair care routine. You’ll immediately experience the convenience and improvement in your hair, with added shine, softness and bounce. But why is satin so beneficial to your hair?

Why is Satin Good for Hair?

Satin retains moisture and keeps hair hydrated. It also lessens friction on your hair. Less friction equals less frizz. That’s why satin is one of the best materials to use for your hair. The satin-lined shower cap also helps keep your current style in place while you’re in the shower but can also preserve it at night too. The satin-lined cap prevents any pulling, tugging, or creasing of your hair while it protects your hair against moisture in the show

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Satin-Lined Shower Cap

Best Shower Caps Of 2021

How many of you put a shower cap on when bathing? The fact is, this is an essential item in any beauty cabinet, but it’s not that well used. Most of us don’t even have one, and those of us who do might forgo or forget in the rush to get ready in the morning.

But here’s the thing, shower caps are brilliant at keeping your hair healthy. They can reduce hair frizz and increase moisture protection. That means shinier, more beautiful locks, and all with one simple action. Popping a cap on your head pre-shower.

To celebrate our love for shower caps, we’ve run through our favourites for 2021.

1. Her Heir’s Satin-Lined Shower Cap   

We know, we sound biased, but our satin lined shower cap is in our top five. That’s because it has specifically chosen fabrics that safeguard your hair from breakage and retain your style. Its

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Head Towel

A Head Towel That Eliminates Hair Breakage

It’s true, no two towels are the same. If like most of us, you’ve spent the majority of your life wrapping your post-washed hair in a large, ordinary bath towel, you’ll know that they can feel cumbersome. The question is, have you ever looked into the alternatives?

There are some clever head towels out there specifically designed for your hair. The reason? Because the right towel will help you manage your locks and even help reduce neck pain. Read on to find out more and discover the benefits of our chiropractic-approved head towel.

Why you should put down the hairdryer 

But first, lets identify if you’re a blow dryer fan, or if you’re more into letting your hair dry with the wind? Let’s be honest, hairdryers aren’t all bad – they speed up the process and they can help us do things like set our style in place. However, if we are sticking on high heat ev

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Silk Pillowcase

No More Frizzy Hair

Your hair’s beauty sleep

Not sure about you, but one of the first things these two somewhat iso-fatigued gals will do once out of lockdown, is head to the hairdresser for a fresh cut and blow wave. Ahh, that fresh blow wave feeling.

You know it, we know it. You miss it, we miss it.

We also know what happens when freshly blow waved hair meets the cotton pillowcase you *may* have purchased on sale at Adairs in 2010. Or passed down by mum.  Been there, got the pillowcase.

We spend enough at the hairdresser, right? Not to mention on our shampoos. So why don’t we ever think about preserving the crown on our heads that spends 8 hours a night on a pillow, with actual science-backed and visible in-the-morning results? We think everyone

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Silk Pillowcase

How to Reduce Scalp Acne

Though not as common as acne on other areas of the body, scalp acne is just as much of a pain, if not more. Like facial acne and back acne (bacne), scalp acne results from clogged pores that manifest as pimples on the scalp. Keeping the hair and scalp clean is a significant part of treating and preventing scalp acne. Cleansing the scalp is obviously one step in avoiding scalp acne since it helps unclog the pores and washes away dirt, debris, and bacteria. Equally as important, though, is ensuring that sebum, excess oil, dirt, bacteria, and other microorganisms never get the chance to accumulate on the scalp. This is where silk pillowcases come in handy. Let’s look at how to reduce scalp acne and the role silk pillowcases can play in the process.

Silk pillowcases create a kinder and cleaner surface for sleeping on. Silk pillowcases are gentler on the skin of people with acne or sensitive skin than cotton and other kinds of pillowcases with s

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Scalp Massager

How To Eliminate Dandruff

If you are struggling with dandruff or have previously struggled with it, then you know all about the discomfort and self-confidence issues that come with it. The constant itchy scalp, flakiness, and tingling skin can be hard to live with and downright frustrating.

Thankfully, this post will help you get rid of this condition fast. Below are five effective ways to eliminate dandruff.

Let's dive in!

1. Wash Your Hair Often

These days, dry shampoo is more popular than ever, and people are increasingly extending their blowout sessions longer. Many don't know that this contributes to dandruff in hair. Letting natural oils sit longer on your scalp can worsen dandruff as yeast levels increase with more oil on the skin.

Dead skin cells and oils will also increase when you don't wash your

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Scalp Massager

How to Easily Grow Amazingly Long, Thick Gorgeous Hair

You may have seen a peculiar looking spiky hair massager and wondered. “Does a hair massager really improve hair?” It’s a great question. This ingenious device mimics the rejuvenating sensation of a thorough scalp scrubbing. They’re becoming incredibly popular. You may have seen the viral videos popping up all over social media singing their praises. 

But how do scalp massagers work? And do they really help you grow thicker, longer hair? The exciting answer is yes! So let’s find out more about how a scalp massager works and why it’s about to become your favorite shower accessory.

How does scalp massage encourage hair growth?

A hair massager has a gloriously simple purpose. Without electricity or battery power, the smooth points of the silicone nubs massage the scalp. This massaging increases blood circulation to each and every hair follicle. Through the

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