Flexible Hair Brush

The One Brush Stylists Urge Clients to Use to Stop Hair Breakage for Good

Detangling hair can be a time consuming, painful process that often leads to damage and hair breakage. With the right tool however, you can make hair brushing a happy process that helps give you the thick, gorgeous hair of your dreams. What’s the secret? Beauty professionals first started singing the praises of the flexible hair brush. And now, everyone can enjoy this secret weapon against tangles.

Imagine, finally getting through detangling your hair, with effortless ease — and not ending up with a pile of broken hairs. The secret is in the brush’s flexible construction, which moves with your hair rather than pulling, ripping or breaking it.

What’s the Best Way to Detangle My Hair?

The golden rule when detangling hair is simple: easy-does-it beats brute force every time. A common myth is that hair is too vul

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