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Head Towel

A Head Towel That Eliminates Hair Breakage

It’s true, no two towels are the same. If like most of us, you’ve spent the majority of your life wrapping your post-washed hair in a large, ordinary bath towel, you’ll know that they can feel cumbersome. The question is, have you ever looked into the alternatives?

There are some clever head towels out there specifically designed for your hair. The reason? Because the right towel will help you manage your locks and even help reduce neck pain. Read on to find out more and discover the benefits of our chiropractic-approved head towel.

Why you should put down the hairdryer 

But first, lets identify if you’re a blow dryer fan, or if you’re more into letting your hair dry with the wind? Let’s be honest, hairdryers aren’t all bad – they speed up the process and they can help us do things like set our style in place. However, if we are sticking on high heat ev

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Head Towel

Top 10 Head Towels Of 2021

Waiting too long for your hair to dry off can be problematic as this is one of the times when your hair is most vulnerable.

This is why you need to take extra care when handling wet hair, and a good-quality hair towel can help you with this. Since there are so many hair towels in the market, it can be challenging knowing which to choose.

Thankfully, we've made a list of the top 10 hair towels to keep your hair looking amazing.


Top 10 Hair Towel Reviews


1. Turbie Twist Microfiber Towel

This simple-to-use towel was a major infomercial player years ago. It has managed to withstand the test of time and still gives excellent comfortability to many of its users.

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Head Towel

The Healthiest Way you should Dry your Hair

Do you know the healthiest way you should dry your hair? Is it air drying? Should you be using heat or avoiding your blow dryer all together? Is it safe to use a towel? When it comes to drying your hair, the information on the healthiest way you should dry your hair can be very confusing, so let us help you break it down and figure out what is fact and what is fiction.

The most convenient way to dry your hair

Many people air-dry their hair because they believe that using a blow dryer is a sure path to damaged hair. However, air drying is far from being the most convenient way to dry your hair. For one thing, you could be walking around with wet hair for hours, depending on the length, thickness, and texture of your hair. During that time, leaving your home is a definite no-no, especially in the wintertime.

While air drying will definitely prevent heat damage, letting your

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