Scalp Massager

Scalp Massager

How To Eliminate Dandruff

If you are struggling with dandruff or have previously struggled with it, then you know all about the discomfort and self-confidence issues that come with it. The constant itchy scalp, flakiness, and tingling skin can be hard to live with and downright frustrating.

Thankfully, this post will help you get rid of this condition fast. Below are five effective ways to eliminate dandruff.

Let's dive in!

1. Wash Your Hair Often

These days, dry shampoo is more popular than ever, and people are increasingly extending their blowout sessions longer. Many don't know that this contributes to dandruff in hair. Letting natural oils sit longer on your scalp can worsen dandruff as yeast levels increase with more oil on the skin.

Dead skin cells and oils will also increase when you don't wash your

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Scalp Massager

How to Easily Grow Amazingly Long, Thick Gorgeous Hair

You may have seen a peculiar looking spiky hair massager and wondered. “Does a hair massager really improve hair?” It’s a great question. This ingenious device mimics the rejuvenating sensation of a thorough scalp scrubbing. They’re becoming incredibly popular. You may have seen the viral videos popping up all over social media singing their praises. 

But how do scalp massagers work? And do they really help you grow thicker, longer hair? The exciting answer is yes! So let’s find out more about how a scalp massager works and why it’s about to become your favorite shower accessory.

How does scalp massage encourage hair growth?

A hair massager has a gloriously simple purpose. Without electricity or battery power, the smooth points of the silicone nubs massage the scalp. This massaging increases blood circulation to each and every hair follicle. Through the

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