There is more than one way to stay on top of unwanted hair. If you’ve tried it all, and let’s face it, most women, in particular, have, dermaplaning might just be the answer.

Reasons to love it include its versatility, convenience and ease to use. Yes, that’s everyone, even with an at-home kit. Add to this things like its cost-effectiveness, the fact it’s chemical-free, and its gentle touch on sensitive skin, and you have an all-around winner. Here’s all you need to know about dermaplaning.

What is dermaplaning?

It’s quite simply an exfoliation treatment using a super-sharp, medical-grade scalpel.

Before you feel a little panicky about the idea of a sharpened blade on your skin, the tools are designed to be safe and easy to handle. Although there is a blade to wield, it’s nestled securely into an ergonomic handle, and the process involves gentle sweeps across the skin’s surface, rather than pressing down in a way that risks a cut.

Did we mention its versatility too? I think we did, but here’s more on that in four key points. Read on to find out how one little tool can be used across your beauty regime.

1. Perfect for eyebrow shaping

Because the dermaplaning tool is small and precise, you can easily sweep it under the arch of your brows to perfect your look. That makes for a faster, more accurate and more convenient way to tame your eyebrows.

Best practice involves:

  • Using oil to soften the skin and give you extra glide, such as jojoba oil.
  •  Hold the dermaplaning tool at a 45-degree angle.
  • Hold your skin taut with your free hand.
  • Sweep gently under the arch of your brows.

2. Effectively removes peach fuzz  

There are a few options open to those looking to remove peach fuzz. Not all are particularly easy or fuss-free. Just as with your eyebrows, dermaplaning can be a simple and effective fix.

It gets to work on both those fine hairs, known as vellus hairs and the darker, more visible ones. Using the same technique as you did with the eyebrows, simply sweep the dermaplaning tool across the areas that bother you, and you’re good to go.

This not only removes hair but leaves your skin looking radiant and feeling softer. 

3. Easy removal of dead skin  

Now we know that dermaplaning is all about exfoliation, it’s easy to see how it has that double whammy of both removing hairs and giving your skin a pick-me-up.

It works by removing dead skin cells and stimulating cell rejuvenation. This leads to more youthful-looking skin, and it can fight against fine lines and wrinkles by getting to work at a cellular level.

To add to these benefits, this also helps your skincare products to absorb more easily, as it opens your pores at the same time, and makeup to glide of effortlessly. So, that’s smaller, refined pores, fresher skin and a flawless look all with one easy swipe of the dermaplaning tool.

4. Removal of body hair  

Just as it efficiently removes hair on your face, your dermaplaning tool also makes short work on unwanted body hair, especially on your legs.

That said, there are certain things to bear in mind when dermaplaning body hair. Typically, the tools are designed and most effective on softer, finer hairs that are found on your face. But with the right technique, it can be a hero product for sensitive legs that don’t deal well with shaving or waxing.

Because it offers the same benefits of exfoliating your skin, it can be a powerful way to gently work with ingrown hairs and stressed follicles. It also helps your products absorb more readily, which may soothe dry skin on your legs.  

To get the most from this and avoid any nicks or cuts, remember to follow the best dermaplaning practices! That includes not pressing down hard, pulling your skin taut and switching your blades regularly to avoid irritating the skin with a blunt blade.

The pro and cons of dermaplaning

We’ve got to say, we love dermaplaning. There are huge advantages to introducing it into your beauty routine, but you do need to know what you’re doing to get the most from it.

Here’s our round-up:


  • It exfoliates for fresher, more youthful skin.
  • It works on both fine and tougher facial hairs.
  • It’s convenient, quick and easy.
  • It’s cost-effective.
  • The results can last up to 4 weeks.
  • It’s chemical-free.


  • You need to follow best practices, especially if using on your legs.
  •  It’s not suitable for people with acne or irritated skin.
  •  You can’t use it for at least 7 days after having facial fillers.


If you are looking for a fast, effective and low maintenance way of managing facial hair, dermaplaning is a perfect solution. As well as being an essential grooming tool, it also benefits your skin and enhances your all-around beauty regime.

Even better, it’s a cost-effective method of hair removal. The things to remember to get the most from dermaplaning center around best practices. Make sure you know how to wield that little blade before you start, and what prep you need to do for your skin. But once you’re in the know, you’ll be in love with dermaplaning.