It’s true, no two towels are the same. If like most of us, you’ve spent the majority of your life wrapping your post-washed hair in a large, ordinary bath towel, you’ll know that they can feel cumbersome. The question is, have you ever looked into the alternatives?

There are some clever head towels out there specifically designed for your hair. The reason? Because the right towel will help you manage your locks and even help reduce neck pain. Read on to find out more and discover the benefits of our chiropractic-approved head towel.

Why you should put down the hairdryer 

But first, lets identify if you’re a blow dryer fan, or if you’re more into letting your hair dry with the wind? Let’s be honest, hairdryers aren’t all bad – they speed up the process and they can help us do things like set our style in place. However, if we are sticking on high heat every time we wash our gorgeous locks, it will dry out and damage your hair in more ways than one. We’re talking about stressed, frizzy, split ends as a result.

That’s not to say that all hair drying techniques are inherently bad. There are ways to use a hairdryer and be kinder to your tresses, but there’s ways to take advantage of a natural dry solution. And if the thought of that as alien, let us take you through some hair drying tips.

What are the benefits of our head towel?

The right head towel is the most important first step to drying your hair naturally. Soft, absorbent, lightweight materials are the best for quickly and efficiently soaking up excess moisture without damaging your hair in the process. And if you’re wondering, like anything, technique has a part to play too. Here’s how and why.

1. It’s the quickest way to style your hair

If your life is always a run-out-the-door scenario, this is the quickest way to style your hair. The most important thing to remember is not to rub your hair with a towel. This can cause hair breakage, which is a big no-no when seeking healthier hair.

Instead, twist your hair up inside the towel and allow it to do its thing. How simple is that? Because of it’s super soft and gentle fibres, it eliminates hair breakage caused by rubbing and pulling your hair with rougher, heavier towels.

2. It means no more bulky towels and sore necks!

Why wrap your hair in a large, heavy towel when you can choose a lighter one? Apart from sheer comfort levels, wearing something heavy on your hair for an extended period can give you a literal pain in the neck.

At the same time, a secure button keeps it in place, because there’s nothing more annoying or jolting than your huge, heavy towel falling off your head while you’re getting ready, right!

The soft, lightweight comfort with have you forgetting your late for work, and feeling like you’re holidaying in the Caribbean with nothing but your robe on & a glass of champagne in hand.

3. You can cut down on hair drying time

All because it absorbs water from your hair with one twist. If you want to finish off with the hairdryer at a heat-friendly level, you can do that. It will take a fraction of the time because your smart head towel has done the hard work first! This minimises heat damage, and is the perfect opportunity to pop on your favourite leave-in hair treatment whilst you sit back and relax, forgetting your Head Towel is even there – working its magic in cognito. This all means less frizziness too, and it can even help to set those waves or curls in place. 

4. It’s chiropractic approved

Our chiropractic-approved head towel uses a custom blend of materials chosen for its lightweight but absorbable properties. If you’re wondering if lightweight means small, we’re here to tell you that our head towel is still ample-sized for all hair lengths and thicknesses.


If you’re wondering if there’s a better way to dry your hair whilst keeping it smooth and healthy - we’re here to tell you there most certainly is. Whether you want to go completely natural and allow your hair to dry without a hairdryer, or you’d like to minimise the damage blow-drying at hot temperatures can cause, this is a beauty essential.

It can help eliminate hair breakage, save your sore neck, reduce frizz and all the while it’s designed to stay snug and secure on your head while you get ready. There is a better way to dry your hair. And this is it.